We’ve released new sounds!

We’ve recently released new Synth, Guitar and Bass sounds, as well as new presets for Voice! There are new ones available for both free and paid subscriptions (Pro and Premium).

Experiment and see which ones would make your tracks sound better and spark your creativity. Oftentimes, only one new sound can make the song sound differently or become the last missing piece.

Below is a list of all the new sounds available in the studio now, divided into Free, Pro and Premium subscriptions.

Voice and Mic (Free)






Pop Delay




Synth, Guitar and Bass (Free)

String Lead

Floppy Chords

Phasing String Machine

Clean Bell

Fifth Stabs

Hop Bass

Synth, Guitar and Bass  (Pro)

Stolf Lead

Stolf Horn Lead

Trance Punch Pad

Bells In Agony

Lunar Leisure

Elephant Bass

Rich Bass

Synth, Guitar and Bass  (Premium)

Tail Lead

Trance Lead

Tube Lead

Trance Duck Pad

Ducking Boards

Hold The Duck

8-Bit Interval

Dirty Bell

Punch Poly

Hardstyle Duck Bass

Hardstyle Punch Bass