Welcome Smart and Intuitive Loops Search

Say hello to our updated smart and intuitive loops search tab!

The loops search in the Soundtrap studio is now even more intuitive, sleek and works faster than ever.

The Soundtrap team has worked hard to improve the user experience based on feedback from many of you, and now we’re happy to announce that the new loops search tab is live in your Soundtrap studio.


We’ve revamped the design of the tab and now it’s even easier to find the right loop for your song in the collection of thousands of Soundtrap loops in all styles and genres.

Here is a sneak peek. Head over to your studio to play with it yourself!









The new loops search tab is also suggesting possible tags and loops as you search for specific genre or instrument.

This makes it easier to find the loops you’re looking for and also test what fits your song, podcast or any other audio project you’re working on.