Tip of the Week – Drake-inspired Bass

Here comes the next edition of the Tip of the Week with Adam.

We’ve received a lot of requests to publish guides on how to create the type of sounds used in popular tunes. So here is one we think you’ll like – this is a detailed guide on how to produce a Drake-inspired bass using effects in the Soundtrap studio.

Start off with the Gritty Bass.

You can find it under New Track Guitar & Bass Bass Gritty Bass.

On the Basic amp, turn up the bass and turn down the treble. 

Then follow the chain and try to add one effect at a time to really hear what they do to the original bass.

As you’ll see we’ll be playing with the settings of the following effects:

1) Fuzz

2) Classic dist

3) Compressor

4) Stereo Chorus

5) EQ

Watch the video below for a detailed step by step guide and open this project to try it yourself.