The Latest Release: 18 New Basses

We have released 18 new bass sounds and updated all of our existing basses!

Access them in the Soundtrap studio via Instrument Presets → Guitar and Bass.

What’s in this new release?

The new release of bass instruments in the Soundtrap studio features:

  • 17 new electric bass instruments

  • 1 new acoustic upright bass

  • 16 updated electric bass instruments

Watch the video below to get the idea of how they sound.

What’s special about these instruments?

Bass players have many ways of playing their instrument, and we now introduce some new playing styles in the studio.

Try the Tight Pick preset for a solid bass sound with a bright and distinct attack, or the Slap Bass for that classic funk (or 90’s sitcom) sound. We’ve added tons more – our new presets cover everything from slick jazz fusion to screaming fuzz bass tones.

For the first time in the studio we’ve sampled these iconic bass instruments:

  • “Upright Bass”, an acoustic bass suitable for many styles of music, such as jazz, country, singer-songwriter and more. Also known as the double bass, or simply the bass.

  • “Fretless Bass”, a bass with a smooth, almost singing quality, especially in the upper range. The fretless bass was made popular by Jaco Pastorius in the 70’s, who played a fretless bass that he had made himself by pulling the frets out of his electric bass and covered the fingerboard with epoxy. Jaco played with the group Weather Report and later with Joni Mitchell. Many bass players followed him and the fretless bass sound became mainstream in the 80’s.

  • “Hollowbody”, a bass with a hollow body that gives it a unique sound characteristic. This design became popular among pop and rock musicians in the 60’s and 70’s. Notable players include Paul McCartney and Jack Casady of Jefferson Airplane.

  • “Precision”, a classic bass model that has been used by countless bass players, such as Motown bass player James Jamerson, Steve Harris of Iron Maiden and Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy. This was the original electric bass design, developed by Leo Fender in the early 50’s.

  • “Bass VI”, an odd creation – a six string bass tuned like a guitar that has been used by bands such as Placebo, The Cure and the Beatles. It was also used by country and pop “tic tac” bass players in the 60’s (check out the “Tic Tac Bass” preset) who used it to double the acoustic bass part to make it come out more. The Bass VI is also good for baritone guitar sounds, that sound just a little darker than a standard electric guitar.

Here are some of the prominent uses of Bass VI.

We’ve also updated all of our existing bass presets with our newly sampled basses so that they sound even better than before!

Here are all the new ones:

Guitar and Bass Bass – Acoustic Upright Bass Premium
Bass – Electric Bass VI Clean Premium
Bass VI Pick Premium
Bright Pick Free
Clean Precision Pro
Fretless Bass Premium
Fuzz Bass Pro
Hollowbody Clean Pro
Hollowbody Pick Pro
Jaco Fretless Free
Jazz Fusion Free
Lo-Fi Bass Pro
Motown Free
Muted Pick Premium
Rock Pick Dist Free
Slap Bass Premium
Tic Tac Bass Premium
Tight Pick Premium

Stay tuned for future updates!