Stockholm: A City That Inspires

Soundtrap has been a lot in the news recently. Major music and tech blogs including Mashable and Techcrunch covered the news of Soundtrap’s Series A funding, its quick growth and global expansion. One of the questions we’re asked a lot is “Why are you in Stockholm?”

Over the years, Stockholm has developed an ecosystem of musicians, producers, creatives of all sorts and innovative tech startups. There is an abundance of companies and individuals to learn and draw inspiration from.

Swedish capital is a global music, tech and talent hub, and generally, one of the most innovative cities in the world. So since the city and the environment shape both people and companies, it comes as no surprise that Stockholm has become the home for Soundtrap’s team.

“Stockholm is the music tech capital of the world. And the city that after Silicon Valley produces most Unicorns per capita. Those two facts together is the reason we are here.”, says Per Emanuelsson, Soundtrap’s CEO


Inspired by the vision that music-making should be accessible to anyone with any level of ability and on any device, we work every day to make it easier for musicians and audio creatives to express themselves, in any genre and music style.

Since 2012, it’s been a pleasure to witness amazing collaborations happening in our online studio. Strangers are forming online bands and releasing music together. College bands reunite years after their last gig. Kids learn music and start writing songs.



Located in Södermalm, Stockholm’s cultural district — we are an eclectic mix of software engineers, designers and music producers passionate about music, technology and bringing positive change in the world.


In fact, many of Soundtrap’s employees are musicians themselves — here’s just a short list of tracks produced by the team.


What unites us is the belief that there’s a better and easier way to create music, to collaborate and to express oneself.

And if you feel this vision resonates with you, please apply to work with us – we are hiring.