Soundtrap Sessions with Elin Bergman

“My two tips for songwriters would be to go with your gut and to always record melodies on your phone if you have an idea…”

— Elin Bergman

We hosted the first edition of Soundtrap Sessions back in December right in our Stockholm office. There were several talented artists that came by to talk about their music, share tips for aspiring songwriters and perform a live set.

Previously, we’ve already shared two inspiring sessions with Alessandra and Adrian Modiggård. And today we’d like to introduce you to a Stockholm-based artist and songwriter Elin Bergman!

In the interview, Elin talks about her journey as a songwriter, gives creative tips for aspiring artists and highlights the importance of recording quick audio ideas whenever and wherever inspiration hits you.

Her session video is available now, so please watch, get inspired, learn songwriting tips and tricks from Elin’s interview and start making your own music.

Also, note that Elin is releasing her new single called “Young for good” on 5th of May, so make sure to give it a listen when it’s out!

Watch her interview and performance live at the Soundtrap HQ!