Soundtrap Nominated Finalist in BETT Awards 2016 for International Digital Education Resource

Soundtrap Honored for Outstanding Online Music and Audio Collaboration Resource

Palo Alto, California – Nov 23, 2016 – Soundtrap, the online collaborative music and audio recording studio, announced today that its solutionSoundtrap for Education” has been nominated as finalist for International Digital Education Resources in the British Education Training and Technology (BETT) awards for 2016.   The award recognizes technology that provides school-going kids with tools that foster creativity and learning. Soundtrap is the first solution that lets children aged 6 through 17 make music or audio recordings with fellow students within their invited and secured group, record a tune or podcast, then share the music with classmates in the cloud from a multitude of devices and operating systems.

“Soundtrap was named a finalist because it’s incredibly easy to use and works on the devices that kids use ever day – they can start to record a tune on a laptop in the classroom, continue it on a smartphone on the bus and finish it on a PC or tablet at home,” said Per Emanuelsson, CEO, Soundtrap. “While other music recording tools are complex and often have a steep learning curve, Soundtrap for Education enables students to be up and running in less than three minutes.”

Soundtrap works across iOS, Android, Chromebook, Mac and Windows devices. It gives students and teachers compelling benefits; students can switch from different devices at school and home in order to do homework, while teachers can remotely assign work or even coach students via the built-in video chat. Students can perform group assignments with the student at the next desk or across the globe. It also facilitates taking instrument lessons using Soundtrap’s video chat or perform group rehearsals for a school choir or band.

“The BETT award is recognized as the ultimate showcase for exceptional and innovative classroom technology,” said X person, BETT.   “The awards are a celebration of the inspiring creativity and innovation that can be found throughout technology for education so it is fitting that we are honoring Soundtrap as a finalist.”

The award winners will be announced December 5, 2016 at a special reception in X location, England.

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Soundtrap is the first cloud-based audio recording platform to work across all operating systems, enabling users to collaborate and create music and audio anywhere in the world. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, the company also has an office in Silicon Valley. Soundtrap provides an easy-to-use music and audio creation platform for all levels of musical interest and abilities, and is being used by the K-12 (age 6 through 17) through higher-education markets. For more information, visit:


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