Soundtrap for Education: Tutorials

Welcome to Soundtrap for Education!

Schools use Soundtrap in their projects to foster deep learning and develop student’s creative, collaborative and communication skills.

How to onboard your class?

In this video you’ll learn how to use your Soundtrap for Education admin panel to manage your students, assignments and distribute individual copies of your project to your students.

You’ll be able to create assignments using your song as a template and review the progress of each student.

Once set up, you and your students will be able to create music projects, podcast projects, language training assignments and anything else that requires audio collaboration.

How to create an assignment?

Once you invited your students and made sure everyone’s on board, it’s time to create and distribute assignments. This video shows how to do it.


Get in touch with us in case you’re experiencing any problems getting started with Soundtrap for Education.