Soundtrap + Allihoopa

We are happy to announce that we are teaming up with Allihoopa, a music-based social network to give you access to millions of pieces of music to work with!

Allihoopa users can freely use anything they find from the growing pool of over one million user-generated pieces. Now you can take early-stage music ideas, guitar riffs, loops or beats from the Allihoopa community and built your track upon it in Soundtrap.

According to Soundtrap’s co-founder and CEO Per Emanuelsson, “Both our companies are on a mission to encourage, simplify and revolutionize the music-making process. Through this partnership, our users get a larger network of people to collaborate with while Allihoopa users can connect with new fellow musicians among our million-plus users and develop their early musical ideas in our recording studio. We believe that broader collaboration and online social connections will help improve and inspire people in creating music and it’s our mission to make this happen.”

How do I get started?

1) Register at Allihoopa, it’s easy!

2) Explore music pieces that you like. There are over a million of contributions to choose from!

3) If you feel inspired to build upon somebody’s piece of music
– click Open in Soundtrap and get creative!

How do I export to Allihoopa?

If you created a piece of music in Soundtrap and want to let others build upon it, then choose the track you wish to export, click the Share icon and choose Share to Allihoopa icon on the right side.

Quick tutorial

We’ve put together a quick intro to help you get started with Soundtrap and Allihoopa.