Soundbites: Let Other Soundtrappers Discover Your Music

What is a Soundbite?

It’s a short clip, a little snapshot of your song, up to 30 seconds long.

Why you should add it?

Other Soundtrap users and potential collaborators can instantly find and appreciate your work. This can lead to new collaborations, new friends, and new fans.


How to add a Soundbite?

It’s super easy! Here is a step by step guide.

Head over to your Profile page.

You can add your Soundbite by clicking under your Profile picture of from the Edit profile.


Find the song you like the most.

That one song or even a rough demo that really shows what your music is about. Then in that song find a piece that you think shows the essence of your style – and make it your Soundbite. The Soundbite can be 5-30 seconds long.


You can move the brackets in search of the part you like the most, and then expand the brackets to capture the sweetest part (up to 30 seconds long).

And don’t forget to save your Soundbite, click Save Soundbite and you’re all set.

You can also upload a file from your computer and turn it into your Soundbite.

Delete your Soundbite

You can easily remove your Soundbite and replace it with something else in Edit Profile.


Listen to your Soundbite

Once saved, you’ll see your Profile image have a play icon next to it – that’s your Soundbite!

Hover mouse over your profile picture and listen to your Soundbite.


It will play as long as you keep the mouse atop the profile picture. You and others who visit your profile can now get a quick idea of what your music is like.

Now create your own Soundbite and explore the ones created by your fellow Soundtrappers.

Until next time!