Recent Sound Releases – Soundtrap Studio

We have put together a list of all our recent sound releases in the Soundtrap studio.

– Marxophone

– Marxophone Dream

– Kalimba

– Kalimba Sansula

– Kalimba Solid

– Glockenspiel 2

– 27 synth presets

– 4 synth bass presets

– 3 organ presets

– 1 piano preset

– 10 choir instruments

– 30 bass drop one-shots

– 20 midi string loops

– 12 midi brass loops

Some of these sounds might call for further introduction.

The Marxophone is a zither instrument from the first half of the 20th century that combined four sets of chord strings and two octaves of melody strings. The latter were played by pressing small lead hammers onto the strings that bounced of them, producing a mandolin-like tremolo effect. In Soundtrap, thanks to the magic of sampling, you will enjoy a full octave of major chords, followed by a full octave of minor chords. The melody range extends further than the two octaves of the original Marxophone. (As an added bonus, the musician no longer suffers the risk of lead-poisoning!)

Artists that have recorded with the Marxophone include Aimee Mann, Bat For Lashes and Queens of the Stone Age to name a few.

The kalimba is an African instrument also known as mbira, or thumb piano. It consists of a wooden board, sometimes with a resonator, with attached metal tines of different lengths. The instrument is played by holding it in the hands and plucking the tines with the thumbs. We released three different kalimbas: one with a wooden resonator, one with a solid wooden board (Kalimba Solid) and one with a wooden board mounted on a drum skin within a frame (Kalimba Sansula).

Artists that use the kalimba include among others Stella Chiwese and Imogen Heap.

The Glockenspiel is a percussion instrument composed of a set of tuned keys arranged in the fashion of the keyboard of a piano. It is similar to the xylophone, however, the xylophone’s bars are made of wood, while the glockenspiels are metal plates or tubes.

Artists that use the glockenspiel include among others LCD Soundsystem, Arcade Fire and Radiohead.

The new choir instruments complement our existing library of choir sounds with two new sounds: ”mmm” and ”ooh”. These were painstakingly recorded by top vocalists and are now available either as separate sections or as mixed choir presets. We believe you will find many uses for these instruments.

A lot of you have asked us for bass drops. Put on your headphones and feel the energy of 30 new ground shaking drops. We’ve included everything from simple sine drops to heavily effected drops.