Pop Demo Project, Keyboard Shortcuts and Change Chord Feature

Today we’re going to show you a few noteworthy updates to the studio that we released within last few weeks.

1. Change Chord


New Change Chord feature can come in handy at any time. Click on the track, choose Change Chord and pick the chord you need from the dropdown list. Currently, it works with the following loop packs: Electric Guitar – Bend, Electric Guitar – Damped Comp, Electric Guitar – Powerchord, Guitar – Acoustic Finger, Guitar – Barytone, Guitar – Electric Pick, Guitar – Pedal Steel, Guitar – Western and Mandolin – Strum.

2. Pop Demo Project


A great way to start writing music is to experiment with an existing song. Pop demo is there for you to deconstruct and play around with. Choose Pop Demo Template when you enter the studio.

3. Keyboard shortcuts for loops browser


Keyboard shortcuts for loops!

Use “up” and “down” on your keyboard to navigate the loops browser.

Press F if you want to favorite the loop.

Press P to toggle preview.

Press Enter to add the loop to the composition area.


Now head over to the studio and try it yourself!