Show us your creative process — get Premium account + Private coaching!

Record a short video of yourself using Soundtrap and get ONE YEAR of Premium account with all the perks.

On top of that, first 10 submissions will get private coaching from professional music producers (Vanja, Lia and Jonas) that will help you with your music and answer any questions.

Sounds great? Let’s get started!

Here’s what you do:

1) Make a video of yourself recording a song in Soundtrap, at least 1 minute long. You can record either alone or collaborate with friends — up to you!

You have full creative freedom in how you do it, just make sure you use Soundtrap studio and clearly show your work flow in the video.

NOTE: The song must be a unique composition that you wrote yourself (no covers): use Soundtrap loops and instruments, record vocals or live instruments. It can be both instrumental or with vocals, whatever you have in mind, as long as it’s your song.

It can be either a short demo track or a finished song — totally up to you!

2) Upload your song to Youtube by August 22nd, add a tag #soundtraptalents in the description.

3) Join Soundtrap Hangout group on Facebook and post link to your video along with your name on Soundtrap. We will contact you to give one year of Premium account and to schedule your private coaching session.

You will also get a chance to be introduced to Soundtrap community of over 150.000 members as one of our top talents.



— Song recorded in Soundtrap studio

— At least 1 minute long

— Unique composition (no covers)

— Use any instruments (Soundtrap instruments, loops, drums, guitars, keyboards, vocals)



1. How to upload video to Youtube?

2. Are there any examples?

Here are two examples of video collaboration in Soundtrap: