New Pianos and Organs in the Studio

We have released new pianos and organs in the Soundtrap studio.

Access them via Keyboards->Pianos and Keyboards->Organs.

New organ sounds are the following:



8888 Organ Fast
8888 Organ Slow
Child Organ
Distorted Lead Organ
Full Organ Fast
Full Organ Slow
Gospel Organ Fast
Gospel Organ Slow
Green Organ
Heavy Organ 1
Heavy Organ 2
Heavy Organ 3
Hollow Organ Fast
Hollow Organ Slow
Jazzy Organ 1
Jazzy Organ 2
Jazzy Vibe Organ 1
Jazzy Vibe Organ 2
Mellow Organ Fast
Mellow Organ Slow



And new pianos:

80’s Electric Ballad
Laura’s Rhodes
Studio Grand
Warm Rhodes

All of them can be used in a variety of genres and styles.

Watch the video below featuring live studio performance with some of these sounds.

 Stay tuned!