New Feature: Automation

We are super excited to announce that we’ve released Automation in the Soundtrap studio. Automation is a powerful tool and it makes a process a lot easier for a modern music producer.

What is Automation?

automation-columnAutomation allows you to program movement of certain knobs, and affect some parameters, e.g. Volume and Pan.

For example, automated panning will move some instruments across the stereo spectrum in your track.

When can I use it?

Automation is a mixing and in a way, a sound design tool that makes a track sound more dynamic.

You can get creative and discover interesting ways of improving the sound of your tracks through automating:



1) Volume

2) Pan

3) Sweeps, for example, Muffled and Hollow.

Now have a look at how Adam from Soundtrap is using Automation in his track. Watch the video below!