Linklist #5 — a new course from deadmau5 on music production, advice for independent musicians, and in-depth interviews

Here comes our first inspiration list of 2017! Your weekly fix of advice, tips&tricks, and bits of wisdom from musicians and artists of various genres.

1) If there’s one thing you watch about being discovered as an independent musician, make it Tom Robinson’s talk on BBC. Absolutely the most useful and inspiring talk we’ve I’ve seen on the topic.

And here’s a full talk. Totally recommended!

2) deadmau5 to Instruct Private Music Production Lessons 

Over the course of 20-plus classes, deadmau5 (whose real name is Joel Zimmerman) will teach the ins and outs of beats, synths, melodies, mixing, mastering, and branding.

3) Collection of insightful interviews from musicians of various genres – The Creative Independent Journal

A goldmine of tips, tricks, and creative inspiration from Björk, Nicolas Jaar and many others.

4) Song Exploder episode featuring Metallica

In this episode, the song “Moth into Flame” gets taken apart by singer and guitarist James Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich.

5) Interview with Reggie Watts — Actor, Comedian, Musician

Interested in performing from childhood, Reggie Watts is known for his entirely improvised sets.