Latest Release: Analog Synths, 12 New Presets

Good news! We sampled two classic analog synths and created 12 new presets that you can find under Instruments > Synths in the Soundtrap studio.

One is analog synth string machine from the 70’s and another one is a Japanese analog synth.

Who used these sounds?

These synth sounds were used by various world-renowned producers and bands.

Air, The Eagles, Elton John, Pink Floyd, The Cure, Joy Division, OMD, Keane, Japan, Orbital, Vince Clarke, BT, Conemelt, Josh Wink, Banco De Gaia, and New Order to name a few.

So you are in a good company.

How to find new presets?

New presets have a label NEW attached to them and can be easily found under Instruments > Synths.
Here is a full list of the latest presets:
Disco Violin
Disco Viola
Disco Strings
Disco Strings Full
Oxygen Pad
Horn Of Plenty
Explorer Lead
Explorer Pad
Space Explorer Pad
Neon Pad
Big Bee
Game Over


What do classic analog synths sound like?

For a general vibe of classic analog synths, listen to Oxygen by Jean-Michel Jarre.
Below is the sample project we’ve recorded using some of these new presets. Enjoy!