Last week in Soundtrap Hangout #1

Last week we’ve launched Soundtrap Hangout group on Facebook! If you haven’t seen it yet — you should. That’s the place where our Soundtrap Guides (Vanja and Lia) answer all of your creative and technical questions and help you to be really up and running with your songwriting.

Here are some of the questions and answers from the last week.

Q: I know Soundtrap is all about collaboration, but I have entire completed songs on which I sing with my awful voice.Can someone who can sing much better than me replace my voice and it still be considered “a collaborative piece”?

A: I’d definitely call it a collaborative piece – it’s your entirely own composition and arrangement, but a collaborative studio session right? With that said, I hope you know that one man/woman projects aren’t prohibited on Soundtrap.. The collab part is just yet another dimension. Good luck with your pieces!

Q: I uploaded and saved a song, but don’t know how to name it. It just posts as “Jay (JETPLANE)’s Song”. I guess I’m missing something.

A: Yo! Open it up again and change the name at the top of the screen. Just save it again and say “no” (or yes..) to “would you like to save this as a separate file?”.

Q: Hello! I would just like to know what Chromebooks (or CPUs) and android devices would allow for real-time voice monitoring, or if this is even available yet for Chromebook/Android (I have seen it already on a Mac). (For those members who do not know what real-time monitoring is, it just means that I can hear my voice with reverb as I sing, instead of adding that FX afterwards.) If and when this is clarified, I would very intensely promote Soundtrap among those I know who create music, given that this is an important point for us. Thanks!!

A: Hello! Monitoring won’t be allowed on Chromebooks (and Windows) until the latency becomes manageable. Unfortunately, it’s not possible for Soundtrap to rectify this. Google and Microsoft are aware of our problems and hopefully they will work it out, but it’s hard to say when. So in the mean time, you need an apple computer to get monitoring. Your question is common among our users which is yet another proof that Google need to figure this out. Let’s hope it won’t take too long..!

Q: Are there any plans for giving the user control over the mastering/mixdown process?

A: Hi! In a long time perspective Soundtrap will definitely offer users the opportunity to control over the mixdown and mastering process. It’s gonna take some time, though. As you probably already thought about, you could of course bounce your stems from Soundtrap and use another DAW for mixdown. That way you could still enjoy the benefits of Soundtrap (such as to be able to work from different computers and to collaborate with musicians around the globe) while creating a project. Within a couple of months an automatic mastering tool will be introduced on Soundtrap, which will improve the result of automatic mixdown/mastering.