Hip-Hop Sounds and Instruments Release

This is the release we’ve been looking forward to for a while!

We have now made available various hip-hop sounds and instruments in the Soundtrap studio: drum machines, bass sounds, loops, and even vocal shouts.

Find plenty of them via Instrument Presets -> Guitar & Bass, Keyboards, Drums.

The new release of hip-hop instruments and loops features:

  • 5 new drum machines

  • 4 “808” style hip hop kick basses

  • 5 electric basses

  • 20 synth basses

  • 1 hip hop vocal shouts instrument (also comes as 78 individual one-shot samples)

  • 50 midi drum loops

  • 80 midi bass loops

The new drum machines are hybrid kits produced by sampling analog drum machines and synths, digital fm synths, acoustic cymbals and percussion instruments.

These kits have been processed as to sound amazing and unique straight out of the box:


Inspired by the Broken beat genre.


Inspired by the Festival trap genre and modern pop.


Inspired by the sound of electro hip hop, popularized by a British cartoon band.


Inspired by the hip-hop sound emerging from Toronto, a sound often found on the pop charts today.


Inspired by the most commonly used 808 drum machine sound in hip hop.


Four of these kits are complete with 808 style hip-hop basses that can also be found elsewhere in the studio as separate bass instruments with more control over parameters such as attack and release.

This lets you tailor your sound and choose from a total of eight different 808 style kick bass instruments. With the great sounding kits and 50 brand new unique midi loops, it’s easy to get started making your own hip hop track.

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also added five new sampled electric basses tailored for hip-hop and no less than 20 new synth basses (half of them sampled from analog synths and the other half created with Soundtrap’s built-in software synth.)

All of these bass sounds were inspired by sounds recently heard in the hip-hop charts.

We believe Soundtrappers will find many uses for them and that they will suit other genres as well. If anyone needs some inspiration, we’ve also included 80 midi loops with these new basses that go well with the new drum loops!

Vocal shouts

The new hip-hop vocal shouts instrument is a bag of fun and cool – 26 unique male and female vocal samples, each of them processed in three different ways and mapped out on a keyboard for instant access.

It’s literally hard to stop playing with this instrument! Use it to add some spice to your own rap, or perhaps to create a grooving vocal beat. The possibilities are endless.

Each vocal shout can also be found as a one-shot sample in the loop library.

Have fun!