Does Your Song Have the Right Stuff? Submit It and See!

We at Soundtrap are thrilled to join creative forces with Songwriting Camp (SC), to partner with them for the Songwriting Camp Feedback sessions. The Songwriting Camp newest partner in the music community, in providing our innovative online platform as a music-making solution for SC’s annual Feedback Sessions during its Stockholm Songwriting Camp.

SC Feedback Sessions, powered by Auddly, is a unique opportunity for hungry amateur songwriters to send in their demos and receive honest feedback from some of the best Artists and Repertoire (A&R) talent scouts and artistic development professionals on Stockholm’s music scene.

As part of this year’s Stockholm Songwriting Camp, songwriters of all vintages and varieties will converge on Stockholm for a few days of networking and collaboration. The dates of the Songwriting Camp will be announced in the coming weeks. Entrants do not have to attend this one-of-its-kind event, and the competition is open to an international audience. However, they must have their demos submitted no later than Jan. 28, ( to give the panel enough time to provide feedback on Jan. 29.

Soundtrap and SC Feedback Sessions: The Ideal Partnership

This year for the first time, entrants can compose their music in Soundtrap’s cloud-based audio and music-recording platform, then submit their recordings online, for review by a panel of esteemed music professionals. The panel is an eclectic assemblage of key players from Universal, Warner Bros., Playground, SONY ATV, PRMD, Kobalt and Mr. Radar.

An A&R will listen to your recording, and then email you their thoughts and opinions on your song. This is an extraordinary chance to hear the merits of your recording from an unbiased and highly respected member of the music industry. Meanwhile, it’s no secret that these A&Rs are scouting new talent. Last year, two composers were chosen to work with recognized record labels. Who knows…maybe you’re next!

1-2-3: Compose, Record, Upload

Soundtrap’s online music studio is a wonderful partner for SC Feedback Sessions because it’s so easy to create your own music online. Let’s face it: The most challenging part of songwriting should be the “songwriting,” and not navigating the logistics associated with complicated music production tools. With Soundtrap, you can plug in your own instrument, use the software instruments and extensive collection of loops available in Soundtrap, or record a song directly with your computer microphone. Your recording is stored in the cloud. Once your SC Feedback Sessions composition is complete, you simply fill out the form here and upload your demo. It’s that simple. Really.

Since its launch in June 2015, Soundtrap is growing exponentially, organically adding multiple thousands of new users per day. Our cloud-based music and podcast platform is accessible to almost every device user because it works across iOS, Android, Chromebook, Linux, Mac and Windows platforms. We reached a million users before the close of 2016, and our Soundtrap for Education platform is also very popular in the classroom, attracting more than 200 new schools every week around the globe, primarily from US, Europe, and Australia.

Stockholm Songwriting Camp was the brainstorm of super songwriters and producers Björn Ulvaeus and Niclas Molinder (partners in Auddly, the web-based royalty distribution and copyright management company that organizes SC), and Max Martin (author of dozens of Billboard-topping hits, including Taylor Swift’s No.1, “Shake It Off’). Premiering in 2015 in Stockholm, in less than three years SC expanded from idea to international platform, with camps scheduled in Paris and London beginning in 2016.

These annual camps bring together writers and music producers from around the world, creating a hub that values the creativity of others and provides a neutral platform for embracing creativity and encouraging relationships across the songwriting world. At the 2016 Stockholm Songwriting Camp, writers attending from America, England, Sweden, South Sudan, Australia, France and Jamaica had written and released songs with artists such as One Direction, Cee Lo Green, Joshua Radin, Zara Larsson, Kylie Minogue, Avicci and Rihanna.

And so it’s only fitting that two such cutting-edge enterprises as Soundtrap and SC Feedback Sessions should work side-by-side to provide real-life career opportunities for fledgling songwriters. So, whether you think you’ve composed the next big R&B, Indie or pop hit, or you’re a newcomer wondering if you’ve got what it takes to make it as a songwriter, our Soundtrap team encourages you to have a go.