Contest // Remix a song for Ace of Base

Submit your version of remix for Happy Nation and get released splitting potential revenues with Ace of Base! Watch Ulf, founding member of Ace Of Base explaining contest rules and make sure to check the contest page.

There are a few things to bear in mind when entering this competition.

1) Throughout April 2 to May 22 you can work on one or several remixes. You can submit more than one remix. You can even adjust your remix after submission (this will not affect existing ratings).

2) You can save your song and keep it private for as long as you need. When ready submit it on your Soundtrap profile page. Just click the Submit button above the song. Then make sure to promote your song! Click the share icon below the song and use any social media you see fit.

3) The top 10 highest rated songs will make it to the leaderboard, where Ace of Base and a selected jury from Soundtrap will pick the winner. The winner will be announced by Ace of Base shortly after May 22. Prizes:

  • 1 – $500 + 50% revenue split + Soundtrap Premium
  • 2-10 – Soundtrap Premium

Happy remixing and good luck!