Collaboration in Soundtrap

The Power of Collaboration

Collaborations have produced some of the best, most innovative music in history.

Many musicians claim how music collaboration shaped their sound and helped find the new direction as well as break through creative blocks.

With Soundtrap collaboration is easy and all the tools you need available right in the Soundtrap studio. You can invite your friends from the most popular social networks to collaborate on your songs in just a few clicks.

Send an invitation to your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp, Google+, Twitter or via Email.


You can also search for other Soundtrap users with skills that you need for your song. When looking for people with specific skills you will see the most popular tags on top for easier navigation. And when you search you’ll see your Facebook friends (those that already use Soundtrap) in the result list at the top.

It’s easier to collaborate with people you already know, but don’t shy away from collaboration with someone you haven’t met. Often these types of unexpected jams lead to magical results.

It’s true that “a stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet”.

Q&A and Online Collaboration Challenge

To showcase how easy it is to write a song remotely with friends we did a 5-minute song challenge last week.

During an online Q&A last week Adam and Vanja created a song in only 5 minutes and below you can follow the whole process from the beginning to the end result (which is amazing!).

Here is a full version of the Q&A with all the questions our users submitted over the last couple of weeks.

Collaboration Tutorial and Soundtrap Expert Course

If you are now feeling inspired to give it a try and start collaborating with others, here is one of our tutorials on collaboration. Soundtrap is built with an idea to make music making as easy as possible, so even if you are a true beginner you can start right away.

To become an expert Soundtrapper and collaborator, take our free Soundtrap expert course where we delve deep into collaboration and songwriting with your friends.

Until next time!