Collaboration in Soundtrap – Interview

We are excited to introduce you to three talented young musicians that use Soundtrap to write and record their music.

Their project was shared to our Soundtrap Hangout group on Facebook, a meeting place for Soundtrap users to meet and exchange ideas. If you haven’t joined yet, we also encourage you to become a part of this growing community.

Collaboration is a big part of being a Soundtrap user and our guests today share their collaboration story, what drives them to work on music, and how Soundtrap makes it easy to make their ideas come true.

We’ve asked Shemar Spidle (16), Ian Hueso (14) and Julius Hill (16) a few questions about their creative process and collaborations.

Here is what we heard back.

What inspires you?

Shemar: My inspiration comes from plenty of video games, cartoons, old school music, and lots of piano players.

Ian: VGM (Video Game Music) is a big inspiration for me. I feel that stronger and more life like vibes come from VGM.

Julius: My inspiration comes from many different songs that I like now and songs that I grew up with.

How was this project created?

Shemar: I wanted this project to have a “All is lost” at the first half, and the second half to have a “Hope” feel to it. I did what I could do as far as starting the project off with the piano and bass, but I could only do so much, so I’ve invited Julius Hill and Ian Hueso for their opinion and to see what they could add to the project

Ian: When I was invited to the collaboration, I listened to most of the soundtrack and then added some parts to add a hopeful/epic vibe. Shortly after the collaboration was finished. The melody and part of the bass was made up of piano.

Julius: When I got there, some of the project was already completed, so I listened to it and added some things that would sound neat. We wanted a “all is lost, but there’s still hope” kinda feel to it.

How did you find your collaborators?

Shemar: I found Ian on my old Soundtrap account, when I was just starting off. I was browsing through the Latest Music list and came across one of his instrumentals “Get Out Of My Way”. It was very catchy, which led me to listen to his other songs as well. When I made my new account on soundtrap (this one), I also found Julius down the Latest Music list and came across his instrumental “Slowly Awaken”. I think I listened to that song three times in a row that day, it was really good!

Ian: I found Julius Hill when searching on Explore (Latest Music tab). Shortly after Julius, I also found Shemar Spidle on Explore also.

Julius:  When I started making my first songs, I saw Ian Hueso’s comments on some of my projects, so I decided to listen to his stuff. I also remember seeing Shemar Spidle in a shout.

What do you like most about collaborating?

Shemar: What I like most about collaborating is that you get to hear each other’s ideas and then see what you all can come up with later in the process. After the project gets done, you really learn a lot from your collaborators.

Ian: The collaborating feature really allows you to learn from others (or teach others). Taking advice from other people during a collaboration is a great way to continue learning musical techniques.

Julius: I like listening to everyone’s ideas and then contributing to them in a way that they all come together in the end.

What have you learned from the process?

Shemar: From collaboration, I’ve learned how to use effects for instruments and mellow then out with other instruments to get a smooth vibe. I’ve also built a little more confidence in myself and sort of expressing a bit of emotion to some of my instrumentals.

Ian: From the collaboration, I have learned how to transition different parts with each other. Transitioning was a problem I had to fix. Taking a short break from the different part and adding something not to complex does the trick (the transition can also be really complex).

Julius: I learned how to better myself at making music that brings out certain feelings or emotions.

What tip would you give someone who is collaborating for the first time?

Shemar: Make sure that you always listen to each other’s ideas first. Play around with some loops and instruments until something sounds good with both of you. When your project is done, make sure you listen to it one more time just incase you have to edit something. You’ll really learn from your collaborators and from Soundtrap!

Ian: When doing your first collaboration, take the opportunity to learn more musical tricks and techniques. There is always something new to learn while collaborating on music on Soundtrap!

Julius: Make sure you listen to everyone’s ideas and everyone listens to your ideas as well in a collaboration.

Have you done a collab in Soundtrap that you’d like to share with us? Post it to our Soundtrap Hangout group.